Peterborough Bowls League Bowl

Welcome to our website

This is the website of the Peterborough Bowls League. It's main role is to publish the current standings in the various leagues operated. By using the navigation menu on the left you can access the league tables and competition results. Clicking on any team name will give you a list of fixtures for that team thoughout the season.


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In addition, this site provides a Web App which can be used to access the tables using a mobile phone or tablet.

This is simply a repackaging of the same information from this site in a very compact form that can be easily and quickly referenced over Cellnet networks. To obtain the App simply open this page with the browser on your phone and tap on the image on the left. Android users will be prompted to add a link to their home page. This is a small icon and is a handy way of launching the App, just tap the icon and its there. The buttons in combination select the league and tapping  the team gives the fixtures.

Iphone users can add the link using the share button ( a square icon with an arrow pointing upwards).

 Many of the participating teams in these leagues also play in the Stamford and District Leagues and Competitions. For their convenience a modified version of this App has been produced using the data from the Stamford website. You can get this by tapping the image on the right. There is also a Leicester version.

These utilities are provided for convenience, and altough best efforts will be made to ensure accuracy, there are no guarantees. 

The Apps have no official status, so are no good as evidence in any dispute.